My previous blog post detailed my experience working as an extra for the TNT series “Leverage”. About 2 months after my long day at the Oregon Convention Center, my episode “The King George Job” aired. The date was August 29th, 2010, to be exact. At the end of episode 11 the previous week, I got a taste of stardom. I was clearly visible in the preview clip!

Yep - that's me on the far left.

Charged with this exciting tidbit, I felt confident I would get some decent on-screen time. Now I just had to countdown the hours until the episode aired the following Sunday night.

When 6:00 PM Sunday finally rolled around, we were firmly ensconced in our chairs as the episode began. There would be no Tivo-now, watch-later for this! We didn’t have to wait long for my scene to appear, it was the very first of the episode. Fifty-eight seconds into the broadcast you get your first glimpse of my background acting prowess.

That's me on the far left bending over.


Twenty-nine seconds later, here I am again:


They say actors have big heads. It's true! James Frain is taking up the whole frame! He's almost covering me up.

Damn that Christian Kane stealing my scene!

OK – now six seconds after the previous shot, I’m now at the front at the customs booth:

I guess I had an Express Pass to jump to the front of the line.

Whoops – I’ve gone back to the end of the line again.

Of course no one else would notice this lack of continuity but me. I found it amusing.

Here I am at the center of he action again:

Mr. Hutton ann Ms. Bellman were both very nice.

Skip ahead about a minute, and I’m at the Customs inspection table:

I'm ready for my closeup!

Exit, stage left.

I was not visible in the 2 other scenes that I worked on that day. Here are some pics of those scenes:


This is the Pendulum Lobby scene.

This is the scene at the top of the escalators.

All in all, I was very pleased with my screen time. I can now list “TV Star” on my resume. For the 13 hours and 45 minutes I spent on the set, my net paycheck was $110.91. I probably would have paid $100 to be in  TV show, but don’t tell anyone. 😉